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Sugar Baby Evaluation Series

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I have always wanted to do the Sugar baby evaluation series!  I have yet to come across a man that requires it.  I suppose the watered down modern “MC Version” is text, email, meet for lunch and take it from there.  According to a sugar daddy profile I came across,

A traditional SB evaluation series is required when you begin, in order to establish, your allowance level, what you are seeking, and over all compatibility. If you do not know what a SB Evaluation series is, basically no serious and real sugar daddy will meet up and or hook up when you first meet on here. That is asking for trouble, so they use what is often called a B-eval.

So what is it you might ask.  Well, it involves using your webcam to answer a series of questions asked and some standard directives are given to you. Poses, holds, and actions are required. The reason for this, is anyone can seduce a POT over drinks, but can she follow simple directions and requests? The evaluation series came into play when sugar dating became mainstream, via the internet.

There are 6 versions of the evaluation series to choose from.  Each version is a little more challenging and pays more than the previous version.  Each is conducted in sessions that can take one to two hours. It should take one week to complete the series in it’s entirety.

  1. Basic- the lowest and easiest version. Pays no less than $5,000 earnings and $1,000 a week as allowance.
  2. Advanced- pays no less than $10,000 earnings and $2,000 a week allowance.
  3. Elite- pays no less than $20,000 earnings, and $3500 a week allowance.
  4. Goddess- pays no less than $30,000 earnings and $4500 a week allowance.
  5. Goddess Plus- pays no less than $40,000 earnings and $5,000 a week allowance.
  6. Boot camp- a mix of  the various versions and starts off with teaching you the ropes.  Boot camp takes 15 sessions, and pays no less than $50,000. However, the average sugar baby taking it earns much more, because you are offered a lot of bonuses.  Apparently it is not uncommon to have a base of no less than $70-80,000 and a weekly allowance of $7500 or more. I would say that boot camp is the most profitable option!!

Desperate times….

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My new POT and I were talking about some of the outrageous email we each get.  I was particularly disturbed when he told me about one of the “offers” he received.  When he asked a woman for a picture, she sent two.  Picture one was a full frontal of her in all her glory.  Picture two was her with her children.

Her written response was that she was desperate for money and was pretty much willing to do anything to support herself and her children.  My POT was horrified.  I have to say that I was as well.  Mostly though it made me sad for this woman.  She is clearly doing the sugar thing all wrong and I fear that she will be taken advantage of and probably hurt in the process.  My POT is a good guy.  Someone truly looking for a relationship and not just sex.  What about the dirt bags who got the same response and see her as an opportunity?  This has bad news written all over it.

Education and knowledge in any new endeavor is so crucial, especially in sugar.  There are so many fakes and opportunists out there, just waiting to pounce on unsuspecting women like this.  I have read so many horror stories of beatings and rapes of women, who jump at money and don’t practice thorough vetting procedures.

Additionally, it dilutes what sugar truly is.  This desperation and uneducated approach perpetuates the newfangled myth that Sugar Babies are prostitutes.  We ALL see it every day on dating sites.  I have been offered “Pay to Play” and down right sex for money.   I have had arrangements that resemble pay to play, but were in no way an exchange of money for sex.  For the love of sweet sugar baby Jesus, we as women AND Sugar babies need to have some self respect and value ourselves a great deal more!!!   Society might call us whores or hookers, but we should not sell our souls to the devil for sugar.  I am all about getting ahead and having nice things, but never at the expense of my self worth.

I am a traditionalist when it comes to sugar.  Old school sugar is what I prefer.  Elegance, romance, mentor ship, friendship….and of course some hot sex and allowance. Everyone goes about it in a different way and I respect that.  My ideals are not shared by every other sugar baby.  Honestly, if we all behaved a little more old school and stood united; the trolls that have invaded the dating sites would eventually filter off.  Sadly, they have come in droves in the past 18 months or so.  The “pros” that have followed suit keep the cycle going.  Ironically, when I signed into SA the other day and their little poll question popped up; I told them exactly how I felt about the membership on their site.  What if we all started answering those poll questions HONESTLY?  Maybe it would make a difference and maybe not, but at least our voice is heard.

Sugars Unite!!


A man should not satisfy his need for her until he has satisfied her need for him….

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I came across this draft of a post that I never put up.  Silly me!  Better late than never I suppose. ( I have another that will go up next week)

To me any relationship should be founded on a few basic principles:

  • Trust
  • True companionship
  • Real affection
  • Genuine care and concern
  • Honesty
  • Discretion
  • Commitment

In the SD/SB relationship, these are still paramount. Probably more so. As a sugar baby, it is your role to fulfill these needs and take care of a man as he takes care of you. It is an exchange of things and an arrangement for that exchange. It is important to talk about what each others needs are and how you will provide that for each other. What does he pay for?  What does he expect? How will you give that to him? What do you expect? These questions are basic and can change with any given situation.  A married man requires extreme discretion and his family life it to be respected.  That’s not to say that it is always a non-subject. MY rule on this is, only talk about it if he does  A single man may not care who knows, but some also require discretion.

I have seen in my emails and have felt through  a lot of conversations, that these men  for the most part are lacking something.  Often they have focused on career for years and have let personal relationships suffer and/or fail.  They have turned to this lifestyle for its ease and comfort.  Naturally then, it should be focused on what you can do to be that comfort and provide it with ease. In doing so, you will be rewarded handsomely.

So, what does all of this mean?  What am I getting at?  Very simply put, your approach to a potential sugar daddy needs to keep all of this in mind.  Especially in correspondence.  Regardless of who makes the first move, it is your duty to get to the heart of what he needs and wants, or is lacking in his life.  In initial conversations, I always make it about what he is seeking. I encourage moving to private email or texting (Google Voice), as soon as possible.  Get him to focus on your correspondence and not be flipping through profiles, as you are trying to woo him. I am totally guilty of this by the way.  I am notorious for being on two different sites simultaneously, while g-mailing AND texting.  I just happen to be that good :)

A common “robo email” I send goes a little something like this… (based on him emailing first, providing a compliment and asking would I like to correspond)

Dear “John”,

Thank you for the lovely compliment.  I was equally impressed with your profile, as well.  I would certainly be interested in talking to you further.
I would love to hear more about YOU, what you’re hoping to find and perhaps what your looking for in an arrangement. You can contact me directly at
If you’re comfortable with it, please enclose a picture.  I always like to put a face with the conversation :)

I look forward to hearing from you!


He’s already read your profile and made contact.  Clearly he is interested. This is my preference, but I like to respond back (if I am interested), making it about him. I like to keep it short and concise.  Give him the opportunity to tell you what his needs are.  Does he want to see you 2 or 4 times a month?  Where are the gaps in his life that he needs filled? The arrangement part is to gauge whether or not he’s had one before and/or if he is open to one. Know this in advance…a lot of men on sugar sites are looking for girlfriends or wifey material.  Their profiles are not always clear about their intentions. I make providing a picture HIS idea, only if he is comfortable of course. This also shows that you want to start creating an intimacy with him. Picture his face, when you are talking to him.

Here is an example of a very through REAL response I got from such an email:

Thanks for reaching out and offering an email.  Its a little easier to communicate via email.
In terms of my experiences I have had two situations which would be similar.  I am a busy white collar
professional and I don’t have a lot of time to invest in a relationship that consumes up all my spare time
but I do appreciate and enjoy it when I find someone where there is a connection or chemistry with.
These relationships mostly evolved around enjoying a nice dinner or lunch together or perhaps just
getting together for a drink and appetizer or enjoying a fine glass of wine somewhere quiet.
 After a while trust was developed and we traveled a little within the Unite States and spent a few nights
 in Florida, New York, Texas, etc as a way to spend time together.  For right now I am looking for
someone to meet on an occasional basis for a nice meal, drinks and quality time during the weekdays
generally from 8am-5pm including some shopping, short business trips, etc. If the chemistry is there and
mutual then I can see it evolving over time once the level of trust comes in.
In terms of the financial relationship I think each situation is different depending on the person and what
they are looking for themselves.  For the past two people I was with it ranged from car loans, tuition support,
rent, etc.  There was a pretty big range and the needs came and went during the relationship.
I would be interested to hear about your past arrangements as well to help me get an idea on what you
have experienced and what you are looking for as well. That way we can clear up and misconceptions
or understandings along the way.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

So, now we know that we can play ball with this guy.  I responded quickly.  First, I made sure to thank him for his well thought out and concise correspondence. I told him what the terms of my last arrangement(s) were and addressed availability.  Knowing that we were on the same page, he sent pictures before I could even ask. We are now discussing meeting.

Moral of the story, the best approach is a timely and articulate one!  Always exude an eagerness to know him. Obviously offer details about yourself if he asks, but make him feel interesting and desired. Feed his ego and intellect.  But as always, leave him wanting MORE……