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Is he really a Sugar Daddy?

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More and more I realize the education that men on sugar dating sites need.  There are some that could use a little help in the etiquette department, but mostly the ones that need help are the posers.  I think that they have good intentions overall, yet they aren’t truly prepared to be a sugar daddy.  I had two POT dates this week with men like this.  Great guys with great intentions and all the right buzz words.  When it came time to talk dollars and sense, they went salty.

B and Big D turned out to be wannabes.  It’s worse than a fake, in my opinion.  I totally understand that men are unhappy in their marriages and/or work, and want a release.  For obvious reasons, they seek out a beautiful, intelligent woman.  However, if you are not qualified to be a sugar daddy monetarily, set up a profile on Adult Friend Finder.  Allowance, spoiling, gifts or whatever you want to call it…..comes with the territory!!  Sweet sugar baby Jesus, is all I can say about that.

Moving on…

R and I met yesterday for some play and lunch.  Thank God it was better this time.  Honestly I think he was just very nervous the first time.  Before we left the hotel, he gave me a few hundred dollars and we headed off to lunch.  He also remarked how nervous he was about discussing allowance.  I told him that the conversation could not be dodged much longer.  Normally, I would not take this much time with a POT SD.  Here’s the thing though…He has never been a sugar daddy, but was willing to talk about allowance from the beginning.  He has expressed repeatedly, genuine care and concern for me as well.  He bought my ticket for Florida, two weeks into this whole thing.  I know this guy is kind and generous.  I text shortly after to thank him and reminded him that we need to discuss allowance further.  He asked for my thoughts.  He and I have already discussed a dollar range, so I told him that he needs to come back to me with what he is comfortable with.  We will take it from there.

On the POT sugar daddy front, I have lunch dates on Monday and Tuesday with new gentlemen.  Two other new POTS have yet to confirm other dates.  R leaves for vacation on Thursday, so I am hoping to squeeze in a meet with him on Wednesday, to continue our conversation regarding allowance.

I will take the weekend to work on guest blog writing, laundry and cleaning out sugar email.  Ashley madison is like a damn part time job sometimes!!!  Ugh………..


Sugar Baby A.D.D

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This week finds me again with several sugar daddy POT dates.
Monday- 10am coffee with a POT doctor and 11:30 lunch with MP.  (The doctor overslept)
Tuesday- Working from home today
Wednesday-Lunch with B, a new guy who is 38 and yummy.
Thursday- Lunch with Mc Luvin or Big D
Friday- Lunch and play with R

MP has already invited me on two business trips, since we had our meet and he gave me the baseball tickets. Lunch yesterday was okay. He’s sort of a dud, I am realizing. I hate when I have to carry the conversation. There were so many long silences and this bothers me. If he doesn’t loosen up soon, I will have to let him go.
R and I are texting or talking daily and things are starting to fall into place. Allowance still needs to be hammered out, but he let  me use his sky miles to takes trip to Florida in a couple of weeks.  He really is a very sweet and kind man.  We have a great chemistry, so  I am hopeful that the next play date will turn out better than the last one.   Look at what I woke up to yesterday from him…


Big D text last night to say that he wants to have lunch on Thursday, if he can arrange it.  I expressed my hesitations about him when he cancelled, yet again, last Friday.  His ability to plan is always centered around work and I am totally understanding of that.  Such is life as a sugar baby, when you date (or try to date) a successful, self driven man.  We’ve talked before about how he needs to take more time for himself.  I reminded him that this was the very reason he sought out a sugar baby to begin with.  I also let him know that I am more than understanding, but I will not set myself up for disappointment.  He apologized and insists that he wants to see me this week and that we need to talk about an arrangement.  We joked how I should start charging him cancellation fees.  Shit, I’d be home free if that were the case.

As always, I have several other conversations going on in the background.  I am starting to feel the sugar burn, which I take as a good sign.  It seems like every time I get to this point, something/someone presents themselves as great sugar daddy material.  I am the eternal optimist when it comes to finding MY perfect sugar daddy.  I know he is out there and sweet sugar baby Jesus will send him my way.