Is your fear of a phone call ruining you

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Is your fear of a phone call ruining your dating life? #datingadvice #stoptexting #courtship

Confessions of a Workaholic

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On any given day, when I am immersed in whatever my latest project is, I’m that person who forgets to eat, return calls or emails and is the definition of a workaholic. I will literally write or work until I cannot stand it and I have to shut my laptop. I forget that there is a whole big world beyond my work.

A couple of weeks ago my son tattled on me to his auntie.  He told her that I work 24/7 and that he wanted me to spend more time with him. When she asked him why he didn’t come to me about this problem, he said that he was afraid that I would get mad.  When I thought about it, not only was he right about the hours that I work…….


Dear Women Everywhere…

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Chances are if you are reading this, you are a sugar baby or interested in becoming one.  On the off chance you are neither, this post is really meant for you anyway.  I did a radio interview yesterday with a lovely girl from Cambridge Univ (UK).  It is one of many interviews I have given in the past few weeks.  I am always eager and happy to accept these invitations, because I feel that people in general have the wrong idea about who we are as sugar babies and why we do what we do.

Naturally I get the “prostitute” question quite a bit. The general public has such difficulty not seeing sugar relationships as sex for money. I will repeat myself for the one millionth time. If you call me a prostitute, take a look in the mirror sister.  For every house wife simply hanging in there and/or sticking it out in an unhappy marriage for the financial security, welcome to a mutually beneficial relationship. He is still getting a wife and family to show off. His marriage is “in tact”and you still have a roof over your head, and food in your belly.  Believe me ladies, if there was not such a stigma and guilt factor placed on men to “do the right thing” by their families, the divorce rate would be much higher.  I’d also venture to guess that men would be less likely to get married if society would generally accept that monogamy is not for everyone.

Regardless of the type of relationship you have, wish you had now, hope you’ll have some day or choose to turn a blind eye to; you should take a little inventory.  Every woman should have a conversation with herself about who she is and what she wants.  Even if you will never admit certain truths to a friend or family member, please dear God, be honest with yourself.  More importantly, open your eyes and mind to what is outside of your bubble.  As a non-sugar woman, do you look at life and what it has to offer in an unobstructed way? Has your view thus far been influenced by what is known to be socially acceptable, as opposed to what you feel (and absolutely know) is right for you?

I think that as much as wives, girlfriends and non-sugar women in general everywhere dislike sugar babies and call us names; they secretly wish they had the balls to live as freely as a sugar baby. They are a little jealous of any woman who can carry herself in a way that she wishes she could.  They throw stones at her, but really she wants to be a bit like her.  Let’s face it though.  We are not all created equally.  Some women just have “it”.  That it factor that makes them ultra desirable on every level.  She is naturally sexy, smart, wildly engaging and slightly mysterious. Don’t hate on her, learn from her. Educate yourself on how to be more like her.

I will leave you with that thought for now, but will pick this conversation back up this week…