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Sex with your Sugar Daddy

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I see more and more people coming to the blog regarding sex with their Sugar Daddy (or Sugar Baby).  Let’s use some common sense here.  Sex should happen because you want it to, not because someone is offering their company or an allowance.  Everyone has different rules or perspectives when it comes to sex, but one thing should remain constant….HAVE SEX BECAUSE YOU WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH THAT PERSON.

Sex should never feel forced or out of obligation, regardless of the type of relationship you are in.  In sugar dating we all know that it is expected most times.  Why on earth would you involve yourself with someone whom you don’t feel comfortable getting intimate with? That just wastes everyone’s time.  In real life shit happens all the time.  We have one night stands, sleep with someone too soon or choose to move on before it gets to that stage.  The common denominator is choice.  YOU make the choice to sleep with someone or not.  In sugar, it should not be any different.  Sometimes the chemistry can be amazing and intimacy follows quickly and naturally. Sometimes it takes a few dates or just plain ‘ol time to feel like you are ready for that, with this person. Don’t over think it.

When choosing a sugar daddy or sugar baby, be selective. Pick someone with whom you enjoy spending time with.  Take the money out of the equation and ask yourself if you would have this person in your life without the “extras”.  If yes, carry on.  If no, re-evaluate your decision.  I know that sugar is hard at times and finding the “right” sugar daddy can be a daunting task.  If you choose wisely from the beginning, things should fall into place however.

Stop settling people!  If I search SA locally, I have 600+ Sugar Daddies within 25 miles.  Let’s say 200 are fakes or jerks.  That still leaves 400 to pick from.  With that many choices, why the hell would I just go for money and ponder over the “sex” question?  Personally, I wouldn’t.  It would be no different if I were talking about Match or POF, by the way.  My dating approach is universal.  My life=my choice in whom I give my time to.

All of the questions of “how do I please”? and “what do I do”?, can be answered by only you and your SB/SD.  I think that initial conversations should touch on sexual desires.  How else are you going to know if you will be compatible? If he’s into kink, you have to like it or be willing to try it. If you want something to flow more naturally, just say so for sweet sugar baby jesus’ sake!  COMMUNICATE!! You will find yourself bed and relationship hopping through trial and error, if you do not talk about sex in the beginning. Remember that this is not necessarily “love” and/or going anywhere serious.  Although you should take some time to get to know this person, this is not the man that you will marry or have children with.  At the end of the day, it is an affair.  Affairs are supposed to be fun, uncomplicated and freeing for both involved.

Part of why we are sought out is for “least complication”, so to speak.  Whatever his reason for seeking a sugar baby, he is filling a void in his life.  Sexually,personally, socially; a lot of men (especially married men) can’t find a woman who is open to the type of relationships we have with them.  By nature, the dynamics of sugar dating are supposed to be simple and straight forward.  Ask and ye shall receive. If the answer is no, then there is someone else who will say yes.  Find your “yes person”.  The person who says yes to you and for whom you would gladly say the same!

I’d love to hear about everyone’s own personal rules or thoughts on sex in sugar relationships…