A Sugar Daddy farewell

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My dear friend Ed Porter is a Sugar Daddy blogger.  Last week he bid his readers farewell after 6 years in the sugar bowl.  Here is is final post.  Best of luck, friend!  xoxo

The End (And This Time I Mean It)…By: Ed Porter

Those of you who have read my blog, West Coast Sugar Daddy Journal, since I began it in October 2012, have traveled with me over my nearly six-year journey as a Sugar Daddy.  I have, in that time, had encounters with a total of 36 different women.  Of these, just a dozen were women with whom I’d been with more than one time.  The rest were one-off encounters.  Some would maintain I treated these girls like hookers.  But they’d be wrong.  Except for those I saw during the time that I was actually with C (not those times when we were “broken up”), I fully intended to be with each of them for at least a few months.  The last 18 months, since my final breakup with C, have been very difficult indeed.  I had been spoiled with a great girl, though a deeply flawed one, for three years, and there were only two since that time — Leah and Lola — who seemed to have the qualities in a mistress that C had. READ THE REST HERE


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