What do Sugar Babies want to know?

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SEOSo these are the top search engine terms that are bringing sugar babies to my blog.

How to be a sugar baby?

There is no simple answer for that ladies.  We are all different in what we want and need in this life.  My best advice is to be yourself, firstly. Any sugar daddy will tell you that a genuine personality is up there on his list of things he wants from you. If you are a newbie sugar baby, research as much as you can about the lifestyle.  This includes reading from the SD point of view as well.  Decide if you have the heart to venture into this world.  It is NOT easy, but it can be very rewarding and fun.

How do I bring up allowance?

I like to get all details out of the way upfront. Allowance, rules, boundaries and expectations should be discussed within the first one or two conversations.  I’m not a fan of hammering out numbers on a first date, but I am sure to lay the ground work for numbers prior to that meeting.  In initial texts, emails or phone calls (before meeting) it is easier to outline what you are expecting from each other.  Then make sure you look amazing on the first date and play to what you have learned about him already and throughout the date.  I always follow up with a thank you for the meet.  If I decide that I want to move forward with him, I then re-visit everything we have discussed prior.  Finalize the arrangement and set up the next date.  Now, this is my preferred method, but situations can and have varied.

What to ask for?

Um…duh…ask for what you want and need.  Your sugar daddy’s budget will play a role here, though.   My formula for sugar allowance has always been to figure out what my bills are and think ahead to my immediate and short term needs/wants.  As far as gifts or spoiling is concerned, I want my sugar daddy to actually want to do those things for me. I almost always tell them that I am practical.  Bags and shoes will not feed me or pay for heat.  I would rather realize his generosity in the form of support. Not to mention, that if he sat down at the end of the month and added up meals or purchases, it would probably be close to if not exceed what I am asking for.   If he presses for a number for allowance, I give it.  I don’t like to make the first offer though.

The reason why I wait to fully negotiate allowance until after a first date, is so he can already know the basics of what I want.  Then it frees the date up for flirting and wooing him.  With the groundwork laid for money talks, your charm takes center stage.  Let him see what he is getting.

3 thoughts on “What do Sugar Babies want to know?

    Cute Nairobi women said:
    March 16, 2014 at 4:36 pm

    Thank you for keeping it real. Keep blogging.

    sbdiaries said:
    December 18, 2013 at 6:45 pm

    Reblogged this on SB Diaries and commented:
    I couldn’t have said it all better myself!!

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