The most important question you can ask yourself

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I had a friend share an article with me the other day. One of my favorite quotes from it was,  “You can’t have a pain-free life. It can’t all be roses and unicorns. Choose how you are willing to suffer”.    Read the full article HERE.

I don’t quite have the words today to update the goings on in my life, but I wanted to share this article.  It’s relevant to me at the moment and I thought it was insightful and powerful enough to share.

Milller update coming soon….



One thought on “The most important question you can ask yourself

    Porter Edwards said:
    November 26, 2013 at 11:28 pm

    The article’s main question is, “What pain do you want to sustain?” To me there is no experience of joy without the experience of pain. So, logically, a sustained experience of pain would mean a sustained experience of joy.

    This is a question with which every man — and by that I mean men who have grown to become men rather than big boys — is familiar. We all know that a man without a battle is a man without purpose. I think it’s fine that women strive to find something that’s worth fighting for, particularly if it’s a stable, grounding, life-affirming relationship that creates families and beautifies the world.

    Exa, I know you’ll pull through. Keep writing and reach out to your readers.

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