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As you already know, I give my opinion often.  Love me or hate me, it is MY opinion.  I don’t expect anyone to take what I say as gospel.  I will say this however… My life experience in general and not just in sugar dating, is a decade or more than the average sugar baby.  As a woman AND a sugar baby, I do have things to offer to my readers and potential sugar daddies, that are not the norm in today’s sugar dating.  I am not above anyone, but I do have an elevated view.

As  most bloggers do, I check my blog stats often.  I like to see hits, comments and especially search engine terms.  I have on occasion, posted based on how people find me. What are they asking google and  bing in order to educate themselves on sugar dating?  Today I come to you with the top ten search engine queries that lead people to my blog.

  1. Sugar daddy fakes- A newbie sugar baby will often be taken in by this man’s cunning.  It is important to remember who you are, what you want and never diverge from that track.  If he stalls on pictures, is reluctant to talk allowance, tries to low ball you, is not forth coming with simple details…MOVE ON!
  2. What is a POT?- POT (ential) sugar daddy.  I know a lot of people are shaking their heads, but easy…you didn’t know either when you started…lol
  3. Sugar daddy horror stories- This is a problem that stems from the fakes.  Men who are vile and want to hurt women prey upon them.  This is why it is so important to lie a little in sugar.  Don’t say you are new.  I don’t say this because I recommend you be a deceitful person.  I say this so that you will exude confidence and hopefully steer fakes away from talking to you.  Of course be truthful and genuine when speaking to a POT or your sugar daddy, but in the beginning, come off as experienced and poised.   If you are desperate for money and present yourself as such, you will be exploited.  No ifs ands or buts about it!!
  4. Allowance- Look….allowance means different things to different people.  I want what I want and do not wish to settle for less.  I have turned down men who REALLY want to be with me, because  they are simply reaching.  I’m no goddess, but I am smart, intelligent, hot and fun…among other things.  Regardless of their desire to be with me, it’s not happening at some flea market price point.  A recent POT told me that  he was shopping for a Ferrari on a Cadillac budget.  These guys are the worst.  Posers!!!  They want to be a sugar daddy, but think they can do it for $400 a month.  They want to be intimate with you, talk to you, be seen with you, etc…  Not happening with this sugar baby…EVER!!  In all honesty, I have turned down WAY more that I have ever received.  I hate the fact that I am on an endless roll of first dates right now, but I’m not settling.
  5. Sugar daddy wants and needs-  They want companionship, an escape, your friendship and undivided attention when you are with them.  99.99999% want sex.  He may have other specific wants, needs or even kinks.  That is YOUR job as a sugar baby to find out and give that to him.  All of this, for the most part should be hammered out in early conversations.  Don’t be shy.  Ask him what he wants and needs…SPECIFICALLY!
  6. Do’s and dont’s-  Do ask for what you want, be sexy, a bit mysterious, open and honest, engaging, a bit forward, a good listener and willing to be submissive to his needs.  Don’t be greedy, self-centered, ungrateful, desperate, jealous or a drama queen.
  7. Rules- Every situation is different, but basically you need to be capable of discretion, understand set boundaries and respect him.  Everything else can me designed around the relationship.
  8. Platonic sugar babies-  Well I like sex way too much to ever be a platonic sugar baby.  If it’s what you want and you can find a sugar daddy that wants the same, then more power to you.  I will say that the biggest complaint I hear from POTs, next to hookers on dating sites, is the girls that JUST want to have dinner, etc… and receive allowance.  You Platonics have an up hill battle and I wish you luck and prayers from sweet sugar baby jesus.
  9. Sex with your sugar daddy- If you want to and you are happy with the arrangement, (that has been discussed and agreed upon) then do it!  I think anyone will tell you not to have sex on a first date/meet though.  If/when you are comfortable with it, have at it.
  10. Correspondence- Get comfortable with approaching men on line and asking for what you want.  Always read his profile.  Include something from it in your initial email, when you reach out.  Be forward, but don’t be egocentric in your approach.  Get the conversation offline ASAP.  Get the facts that you need immediately.  Why waste your time or his, if the conversation will die because you want different things?  Don’t be hung up on the money right away.  It’s as simple as asking if he is comfortable with allowance or how his previous arrangements worked.  It’s a judgement call if he presses you for a number.  Certainly money is a factor, but dollars can be worked out IF it actually turns to a relationship .  For me personally, the guys that get hung up on sex right away in conversations, are a huge turn off.  I LOVE COCK and who am I to deny his sexual feelings, but he needs to understand that in order to get my clothes off, he has to fuck my mind first!

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    downtownlasd said:
    October 4, 2013 at 4:08 pm

    Great piece, Exa!

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