Pardon me, Are you still taken?

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This week has seen two POTs resurface and ask how things are going with me.  I let Lou and BD go several weeks ago, but they have been kind enough to look in on me via email, to ask about my relationship status. Have I chosen a sugar daddy?  Would I reconsider them?  Lou was the one who wrote a very long, heartfelt email.  BD and I never got to a date.  I have agreed to meet BD for lunch soon, but Lou is and was just too vanilla for me.  Zero attraction!

As for the rest of the list… R and I have decided to remain friends, despite the fact that he has backed off becoming my main sugar daddy.  He let me know that if I needed him to help, he would do so in a jam.  I won’t write him off entirely.  He did buy me a plane ticket and help with a little cash last week, so he is a good friend to keep.  Additionally, he is a sweetheart and extremely caring.

POT lunch yesterday felt more like a job interview…ugh.  Quite literally from the time I sat down, he started firing questions. I understand that the purpose of meeting is to get to know each other.  However, chillax and let the conversation flow.  Shortly after lunch, I emailed to let him know that I wasn’t the sugar baby for him. He was gracious and wished me luck.   I have another POT lunch set for today and Thursday.  A new guy from SA wants to meet tomorrow, but is working on his schedule.  Friday is still open, so I will try to fit a couple of more gentlemen in.

Ashley Madison has proven to be productive in my search.  I receive a ton of sugar baby curious email, winks and key requests, as opposed to sugar baby serious though.  I instantly delete the young ones and respond to only a few.  It’s more work than a sugar site, in that I have to sift through the email more carefully.  I find myself questioning men constantly about what their interest is.  Even though my profile asks that they respond with the understanding that I am a sugar baby, I always follow up to verify their intent.  It should also be noted that my name and headline are as sugar baby as you can get.  “Sugar baby Sarah” wants a mature sugar daddy.  I keep the language of my profile on point with sugar and do not check off any of the boxes.   So far-so good.

Alas….three months and about 14,752 dates into my search, I have yet to settle on a sugar daddy.  It is exhausting at times, but persistence and a positive attitude will help me reach my goal.  A little prayer to sweet sugar baby Jesus can’t hurt either. Right?!  A…!


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