Florida bound and some sugar reflection

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In a few weeks I will be heading to Florida on business. (and pleasure) R was sweet enough to get me a ticket with his sky miles. I will spend the first day with my life long best friend, whom I haven’t seen in a year. The next two days will be a mixture of business and fun. It is a great opportunity to meet some of the people I work with and for, face to face. Since we all work remotely, some of us have never actually met.

The last time I was in Florida was to visit JW.  Ahhhhhh….such a hot fun time!!  We had talked and text for months leading up to that visit.  I flew into Orlando to stay with a girlfriend.  We met up with him near his hotel.  Other than pictures, this was the first time we laid eyes on each other.  We had a few cocktails with he and his business partner.  They had to take a client to dinner, before we would meet them back at their hotel bar.  As we walked down the path to the bar, he asked my friend if she was okay with heading to the bar with his partner for a bit.  She said yes.  He grabbed my hand and turned us around.  I asked where we were going.  “Back to the room for a quickie”.  I was totally down for that!  I don’t think we were in the room 10 seconds before clothes were flying off.  We joined the others back at the bar after and headed out to a local club for the night.   When the night came to an end, he and I headed back to the room.  It was four hours of amazing sex!!  His body is beautiful and his member…nice.   We only got about two hours of sleep before he had to head home.

I text him yesterday to let him know that I would be down in a few weeks and my visit made me think of him.  He is about 3 hours away from Tampa, but I wanted to let him know just in case he could manage a visit.  He called me immediately.  Small problem…he leaves for vacation the following morning at 8 am and cannot do an overnight.  He was bummed that he might miss me because of scheduling.  He said he might be able to make it to Tampa by the time I land and have a few hours together.  As of know, we are trying to plan something that will involve less driving for both of us.  He offered to pay the fee to change my flight, in order to get me closer to him and then rent me a car.  I can then get in a few hours with him and drive a couple of hours to Sarasota, to spend the rest of the first day with my BFF.  I hope it works out.  He is so YUMMY!

Today I am off to lunch with B.  He is 38 and lives close to me.  As an added bonus, he is pretty yummy.  I am waiting on Big D to confirm for tomorrow, otherwise it will be Mc Luvin.  Picked up a new POT yesterday too.  We are having lunch next Monday.

The end of this search is in sight.  I just need to make up my sugar baby mind.


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