The scent of a man

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There is nothing like leaving a man and catching his scent on you later.  It is something that I absolutely love and find sexy as hell. To associate that smell with the man and the time I spent with him…..mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Yesterday, the scent lingered and so did the not so great memory of the event that preceded it.  R and I met for lunch.  We had a great time, but I could tell he was nervous about the play portion of our date.  He is in a sexless marriage, poor guy.  I know it’s been a while for him, so I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt as of now.  It might explain the haste in which it all occurred. Everything he did was just  fast.  His touch, his tongue and the sex itself.   As my friend Ed Porter says, I am a saint to take my time with an older guy.  Maybe not a saint, but I do enjoy the time I have spent with R so far.  Minus yesterday’s debacle, I do like him.

Big D cancelled on me TWICE this week.  We were rescheduled for lunch today and he text this morning to say that he had something come up at home.  After Wednesday’s cancel, I asked him if he can even make time for me.  He suggested we reschedule for today.  After his text about an hour ago, I sent a text telling him that I was discouraged by this situation.  I told him that I have made changes in my schedule to accommodate rescheduling, but I question his ability and desire to commit even on a small level.  Waiting on a response…

Tuck as it turns out is looking for a part time girlfriend situation and not really a sugar baby.  He travels two to three weeks a month for work, so I agreed to an occasional date when he is in town.

On the plus side, R has offered me airline miles so that I can take a business/pleasure trip in October.  I will go a day early to visit my best friend who lives in Sarasota. I also reached out to Cowboy in Nashville and invited him to join me in Tampa.  Oddly enough I received a text from a sugar baby yesterday, that she had just moved to Nashville.  I am trying to hook the two of them up.  She’s new in town and he would like to extend some southern hospitality….sugar daddy style.


2 thoughts on “The scent of a man

    Porter Edwards said:
    September 20, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    Use those miles to come to LA!

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