The Generation-Y Sugar Daddy: He’s Real

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Sin City Examiner

“Let me fly you out.”

At any given moment, in any given city, some man is texting those words to a woman.

He might not be an athlete. He might not be a rapper. He might not even be a creepy, old man who wants to buy you a new chest. He’s young, he has money, and for reasons that may or may not be known to you, he wants to upgrade your lifestyle.  He is the Generation-Y sugar daddy.

At first glance, I never would have thought that I have actually met a man of this type. I, like many, have a really stereotypical idea of what exactly a sugar daddy is. He owns a business. He’s old. He uses an oxygen tank. He’s old. He wears silk robes and says things like, “Come to daddy.” Plus, he’s old.

Then, a year ago, I was introduced to a man at a housewarming party. His family…

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