The price of Sugar

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This coming week of sugar daddy potential has me thinking about allowance.  No, not in the greedy, gold-digging way.  More so in a valuation way.  My coffee date from yesterday, MP ended our date with four very nice baseball tickets.  During coffee we discussed the financial aspects of what’s to come as well. It was probably the most upfront money talk I have had while being a sugar baby.  His vision was to deposit x amount of money in my PayPal account prior to each meeting (so that I have it by the day of our date) and while we are together, he picks up the tab.  Since we agreed that he would be a supplemental as opposed to a supportive sugar daddy, this is perfectly fine with me.  Our next lunch is set for Monday.  Last night he went ahead and transferred my allowance already.  Pretty trusting I think.  I am by no means going to take his money and run, but still…..I could be a total scam.

I am having lunch with Big D in a few hours.  We originally met on SDFM.  Our first date (months ago) was cancelled due to his work schedule.  We fell in and out of touch since then.  He would occasionally send me a kiss on the site and we would exchange emails.  Our schedules just never aligned.  When he answered my CL ad a couple of weeks ago, we took it as a sign that we were just meant to meet.  Last weeks lunch was nice.  Very relaxed and natural…until I fell leaving the restaurant.  In any case, he asked to see me again.  I prefaced our meeting by saying that today’s lunch will give us a chance to talk about “things” further.  Before we go too far, “things” i.e. an arrangement needs to be discussed.  Saying that he wants to spoil me, does not mean anything until he actually spoils me.

R and I are having a lunch/play date on Thursday.  He has never been a sugar daddy, so he admits that he needs guidance in the area of allowance.  I threw out some numbers early on in our discussions.  It’s always a crap shoot to do this when dealing with a newbie sugar daddy.  Sticker shock is VERY common.  I like to be honest anyway.  To make it fair and give him some wiggle room, I always give a range that reflects what I am used to in the past.  He was quick to say that the top number was not doable for him.  No worries though, as it was up there.  He did not however dismiss the bottom number, which is a decent amount of money.   Even if we land slightly below or above that bottom number, I will be okay with that.

Ant to think….I have a few other dates this week to consider for the running.  DP and I talked dollars early on, but we still need to get to a second date.  Tuck and I are having lunch tomorrow, so we shall see if he remains in the mix.  Mc Luvin and I are having lunch on Friday.  He emailed this morning to ask if we could move it up, because he can’t wait.  Take a number buddy!

In the past month I have really put some serious effort into my sugar daddy search.  I have revised my goals, but never ventured away from my self-worth or standards.  I see a difference in the way men react to me with my new approach.  It’s not a 180 from who I am as a person or sugar baby, it’s a “sugar/personal growth spurt”, if you will.  I hope to never stop growing….


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