Sugar Daddy Roll Call this week

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  1. DP from seeking- had dinner and trying to set up a meet this week.  This guys is always soooo slow to respond. 
  2. A2- had our second date on Friday. He wants to see me again this week, but he is pressed for time.
  3. Big D- He had to cancel lunch on Friday. Rescheduled for Thursday.  We are having lunch again on Tuesday to discuss thins further.
  4. R from AM- We text today and set up lunch for Friday. Never been a SD, but we already talked allowance.  He has been texting me every day and seems very interested in getting to know me. We had lunch yesterday.  Planned another lunch for next Thursday.
  5. CL guy- Don’t know his name yet. We were supposed to have coffee today. He emailed early in the am to say we have to reschedule.
  6. T- Dinner scheduled for Wednesday night.  We have been texting on the regular.  He did not wow me at all.
  7. Young guy from AM- Coffee on Wednesday.
  8. MP from AM- He is super eager to get off of the site. He is out of town this week, but wants to stay in contact. Hoping to set up something for the following week. We are planning coffee for Monday.
  9. RT- Had to reschedule our call from today until tomorrow evening
  10. CC- He’s also a CL guy. I think he is all talk, but we shall see.
  11. Charity- This is an ad I answered about a man needing a date to a charity event. His offer was spoiling “like a princess”, shopping for a new dress, dinner and attending with him. It is a symphony event next month. Who doesn’t want a new dress and a cultural evening? I know that I do! We are having dinner on Thursday to get to know each other.  He has been texting me regularly as well. I fell at lunch with Big D, so I rescheduled our dinner for next Thursday.
  12. Tuck-Connected on seeking end of last week. Started texting last night. He’s out of town this week, so we’re planning lunch next week.  Lunch on Wednesday!
  13. Alex- Met him on AM. He is from Indiana.  Started emailing this morning.
  14. Visa- (WYP) Just a quick hello on the site, so far.

One and two still have a glimmer of hope, but for now they are too slow to act to keep my attention.  Big D and R are expressing a lot of interest and making an effort to keep things moving forward.  MP seems very sweet and coffee will tell if there is a future with him.  Tuck also seems very sweet.  So, four good choices lined up for next week.  I am not counting Charity in the bunch, as he is not the sugar daddy type; that I can tell so far anyway.

There are also a few other conversations brewing.  I have a man from New York who comes here on business, looking for a friend while he’s in town.  We are scheduled to meet the first week of October, on his next trip.

The list is finally narrowing.  Thank sweet sugar baby Jesus for that!!!!


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