This sugar baby HAD a busy Thursday

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  • 9:15- Wax (the important kind)
  • 11:00- coffee with no name CL guy
  • 1:00- Lunch with big D
  • 6:30- Dinner with the Charity guy

Wednesday I had two dates. Coffee with the younger guy from AM and dinner with a man from seeking. Today is lunch with an older gentleman from AM. Coffee guy had to cancel.  Wednesday dinner was nice, but didn’t WOW me.

My coffee date tried to reschedule again, so I am done with him.  Lunch with Big D was very nice.  As we were leaving the restaurant, my heel got caught on the step and I fell!  Sugar baby suave, I was not. He helped me up and walked me to my car.  I was so embarrassed.  He text a bit later to say thanks and that he had a nice time.  He thought the fall was cute.  Truth be told, he has been one of my faves.  Interested to see where this goes.  My leg was killing me, so I had to cancel dinner with charity.  He wants to reschedule for next week.

I also have lunch dates set for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week.  As usual, I have a few other conversations going in the background.  Options=OPEN for this sugar baby.

I know that I have overloaded myself with sugar daddies recently, but if I settle too quickly or back off some; I will lose momentum and maybe even miss out on a great guy. It makes me a bit crazy to handle 7-14 conversations at once. However, I manage to do it and never respond as though I am having other conversations.

I am still crossing fingers that my faves will step up and be what I need. As any sugar baby knows, life in the sugar bowl can change in an instant, so I do not hold out too much hope. A girl can dream though….


One thought on “This sugar baby HAD a busy Thursday

    SugarLover said:
    June 17, 2014 at 12:56 pm

    Your lifestyle is awesome. I am jealous

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