Too many Sugar Daddies??

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I have more POTS then I know what to do with this week. I did a little profile tweak this week, so maybe that is why. I think it is my strongest profile yet.

It seems like every time I rule a couple potential sugar daddies out, 4 more come into play. As a sugar baby that refuses to settle, I feel like I cannot say no…to initial contact at least. CL and seeking are productive, but full of men looking for an escort. At least most of the CL men know this and admit it. The men on seeking just call it an arrangement. Perhaps they figure that since they are paying a monthly fee to be on a site, it’s okay to offer sex for money and call it whatever the hell they feel like. When I tell them that what they need is an escort, most are hesitant to admit it. A lot of them view it as a taboo word. Listen up fellas!!! If you want sex in exchange for money, that is not a sugar relationship! That is a hooker, escort, prostitute; or whatever term you choose to use. Stop putting up profiles on sugar sites and calling what you want an arrangement. I digress…

On to the POTS! To be honest, I am not entirely sure I can account for how many there are.

  1. DP from seeking- had dinner and trying to set up a meet this week
  2. A2- had our second date on Friday. He wants to see me again this week, but he is pressed for time.
  3. Big D- He had to cancel lunch on Friday. Rescheduled for Thursday.
  4. R from AM- We text today and set up lunch for Friday. Never been a SD, but we already talked allowance.
  5. CL guy- Don’t know his name yet. We were supposed to have coffee today. He emailed early in the am to say we have to reschedule.
  6. T- Dinner scheduled for Wednesday night
  7. Young guy from AM- Coffee on Wednesday.
  8. MP from AM- He is super eager to get off of the site. He is out of town this week, but wants to stay in contact. Hoping to set up something for the following week.
  9. RT- Had to reschedule our call from today until tomorrow evening
  10. CC- He’s also a CL guy. I think he is all talk, but we shall see.
  11. Charity- This is an ad I answered about a man needing a date to a charity event. His offer was spoiling “like a princess”, shopping for a new dress, dinner and attending with him. It is a symphony event next month. Who doesn’t want a new dress and a cultural evening? I know that I do! We are having dinner on Thursday to get to know each other.
  12. Tuck-Connected on seeking end of last week. Started texting last night. He’s out of town this week, so we’re planning lunch next week.

I have a few other conversations awaiting reply on AM and seeking as well. Back ups, for my back up plan. Ha ha!!! In all honesty, I have a few favorites. I don’t dare point to who they are at this point. I feel like I would jinx myself. Now lets bow our tiaras and pray….

Dear sweet sugar baby Jesus,

Please hear my prayer and let the search end this week. Surely there has to be two great sugar daddies on my list. Yes, I said two. I would like a back up this time. I’m not being greedy, just practical. Help a sista out :)

Please, thank you, love your face and good talk!




2 thoughts on “Too many Sugar Daddies??

    twoscoopsofsugar said:
    September 9, 2013 at 11:54 pm

    TWELVE?! OMG you get it, girl!

      sugardaddydiaries said:
      September 10, 2013 at 1:42 am

      Picked up a few more today too! I have 6 dates this week :)

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