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After reminiscing about the time I spent with G and the times we still have on occasion, it all came flooding back. Not in a “feelings” kind of way, but more in a “man I wish I could have sex like that all the time”, kind of way.

The first time we had sex was spontaneous. We met for drinks, because he was giving me money to get my hair done. We sipped some wine and he ate some dinner. There was just something about the way our legs were touching from our neighboring bar stools. I naturally had my hand on his leg most of the time. Suddenly, he just looked at me and said that we needed to leave. He had to have me right Then. We had our first play date set for two days after that, but he could not wait! So off we went to a nearby hotel.
It wasn’t anything earth shattering, but believe me it was great. He took his time exploring my body. He wanted to learn it and said that he couldn’t wait to know it better over time. That he did for sure.
I think it was better that our first time was spontaneous, as opposed to the plan we had for that Friday. The second time would come a week or so later and would be probably the best sex I’ve ever had. More about that later…


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