The best sugar email I have received so far

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This email came from the vanilla guy that I met for coffee the other day.  He is not for me, so I emailed after to say no thanks.  He wished me luck and added that I scared him a bit.  naturally I asked him what he meant.  I am relatively certain that I am not scary to look at.

Here is his response:

I’m not sure I have the vocabulary to explain. Rest assured its a compliment. When we were sitting there and u were talking I couldn’t help but smile. I was so amazed by you.  I let my mind imagine you and I in a more intimate setting drinking coffee, talking, listening, and I felt like maybe we could change the world. Wanting to change the world is my addiction, I’m trying to escape that need. If u knew my life u would know y. Than I started thinking about how good it must feel to have someone like you available for an occasional visit. And I started thinking a monthly visit might be better twice a month, no wait, weekly and I got scared and I thought look at that smile listen to that heart and wondered how  making love to u must feel. I believe that I can share my heart, find intimacy, escape with someone and not be bound by commitment, expectations, and jealousy.  You just made me doubt myself. Sorry to ramble, I hope that explains a bit. And Exa u should know, I don’t golf not even charity outings:).

Be safe. Choose happiness. I am grateful u scared me, I was starting to think I was unshakable.



Well shit…isn’t he sweet?!  Although he is not for me, this email is proof positive of what the definition of sugar is.  We as sugar babies are their escape.  We are a fantasy waiting to be fulfilled.  Ladies, NEVER, EVER forget that.  Sugar is a two way street.    My only concern for this guy, is that he will be taken advantage of terribly in the future.  His tenderness can also be seen as weakness to women who prey on these types of men.  He answered my ad on CL, which we all know has about 150 times the whack jobs as dating sites.  Sweet sugar baby Jesus…..say a prayer for Lou.


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