The Sugar Daddy List

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So the list grows by two and shrinks by at least three.

  1. CL guy from last week- He is still interested.  Kind of fell out for a couple of days, but we text last night. Still a ??? around this guy.
  2. CL guy from yesterday- dinner tonight
  3. WYP guy-  $100 lunch today  ($150 and $250 offers waiting on setting up the dates)
  4. Old POT- talked yesterday and planning on lunch this week  I am VERY interested in him
  5. Even older POT- wants to have lunch tomorrow  Lunch will have to wait, but I am still interested
  6. Seeking guy – had dinner last week. Trying to aling schedules for a second date  Planning coffee for next week
  7. A few random CL guys- trying to fit in coffee’s (one wants to meet today)
  8. AM guy- lunch yesterday.  He’s a little too dainty for my tastes.
  9. Toledo guy- wants to meet twice a month.  He is willing to come here sometimes too.  He’s about 2.5-3 hours driving distance from me.  We agreed on $400 per meet, plus shopping and going out.  I like this situation as a second daddy.
  10. Two new CL guys that came from my last ad.  I somehow overlooked their emails. Meh…it happens

CL guys from #7

I met one for coffee yesterday.  He was my second date of the day.  He brought me Godiva truffles and a cheap bracelet.  It was actually very sweet.  He is just too vanilla for me though.  Lunch was guy #3.  Even though my profile says Sugar Baby, (which he should have read) he is looking for more of a girlfriend, so that’s a no go for sure.  Dinner guy stood me up.  Honestly, this has never happened.  He text mid afternoon to confirm, but just never showed up.  he hasn’t been heard from since.

Guy #1

We had coffee last Friday and lunch on Saturday.  He fell out a bit Sunday and Monday.  We text again on Tuesday, but he is still somewhat a mystery.  Things were great.  We agreed that we liked each other and wanted to continue.  Then he said that he questioned whether or not I’d have time for him.   Well….as I pointed out, that is not the case and he is the one who went silent.  I let him know that in order for this to work, there has to be communication.  I don’t need a play by play, but a heads up is preferred.  Work and family always come first.  I don’t expect anyone to check in with me.  However, if it’s not a good day to talk or you are just too swamped; the polite thing to do is say something to indicate that.  Don’t go silent and then question my ability to make time for you.  Easy peasy!!

As a sugar baby, I understand the importance of expectations and communication.  I am always up front about what I want, expect and am willing to do.  In a perfect world, all potential Sugar Daddies would be the same.  Since we are all only human, I will cut some of them some slack…………sometimes.



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