Sugar Daddy shout out!

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I recently became aware of a new (new to me) Sugar Daddy blog.  I love to read from the other side.  As sugar babies, we ALL should be doing that.  Ladies…stay in the know!  He gave me a shout out on his blog as well.

In my random searches through Google, I came across this site and have been thoroughly entertained by her. Great stories and a good sense of humor.  So tired of the SB blogs that are filled with complaints and little else.   Read it through and enjoy!

After reading that quote, it makes me glad to know that what I write is appreciated.  Moreover, it solidifies my beliefs in how sugar should work.  Regardless of why a sugar baby is in the bowl, your needs and thoughts aren’t the only ones.  Be cognoscente of the fact that you are HIS escape, as much as he is yours.

Check out Ed Porter’s Blog.   Good stuff and sexy to boot!   Not gonna lie…I kinda wanna have sex with this guy now, after reading.  Too bad he lives so far away.  Ed…email me if you are ever passing through Motown!  xoxo


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