Sugar Baby Problems

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Sugar Baby problems are not always a bad thing.  Right now I have good problems.  A LOT of Sugar Daddy POTs!

  1. CL guy from last week- He is still interested.  Kind of fell out for a couple of days, but we text last night.
  2. CL guy from yesterday- dinner tonight
  3. WYP guy-  $100 lunch today  ($150 and $250 offers waiting on setting up the dates)
  4. Old POT- talked yesterday and planning on lunch this week
  5. Even older POT- wants to have lunch tomorrow
  6. Seeking guy- had dinner last week. Trying to aling schedules for a second date
  7. A few random CL guys- trying to fit in coffee’s (one wants to meet today)
  8. AM guy- lunch yesterday.  He’s a little too dainty for my tastes.
  9. Toledo guy- wants to meet twice a month.  He is willing to come here sometimes too.  He’s about 2.5-3 hours driving distance from me.  We agreed on $400 per meet, plus shopping and going out.  I like this situation as a second daddy.

……and i am sure that I am forgetting about someone.  Damn, I need a secretary!   With this many irons in the fire, something decent should come from this right?!?  Sweet sugar baby Jesus I hope so!!!


2 thoughts on “Sugar Baby Problems

    Porter Edwards said:
    September 4, 2013 at 4:48 pm

    I like all these irons in the fire. I wonder how common this is among SBs. I hope you find someone soon. Too bad you’re not in LA.

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