A bit of a back story

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I have come to realize that I started this blog after my last long term sugar relationship and haven’t had a lengthy one since it ended with “G” in January.  But did it really  end?  The sugar part of it did, yes, but we still text/sext often and play every couple of months.  I never thought that I would have a sugar daddy that was younger than I.  G is 9 years my junior, but every bit a mature man.  He was always up front about liking variety and we have talked about all of his escapades in great detail.  I love the fact that we remained friends and that we still have amazing honesty about our personal and sexual lives.  We were chatting last night about getting together next week, when I realized that I have never really wrote about him.  Not in depth anyway…

He is a man that likes to push limits and loves that I have always obliged that for him.  I indulge his fantasies, because we have an amazing chemistry.  The reason things ended with us, is because he decided to retire from sugar dating.  He took a look at his life and family while away over Christmas last year and decided to be more for them.  He saw the money he spent on sugaring as a luxury he could no longer justify.  He is not broke by any means, but wanted to do more for his family and grow his business.  His need to have something different has not changed however.  There is just something that is so right when we get together.  The sex is explosive and a bit dirty, yet we have intimacy.

He will admit that his wife is a great person and a good mother.  However, she does not fulfill him sexually.  She even flat out refuses to preform oral sex on him.  That’s a no-brainer for me and I have gladly helped fill that void.  There have been times that it is all about me though.  It always takes me by surprise.  He will actually stop me and say “no”.  He will take his time and make our time together all about pleasing me.  Yay me!  G is a guy that would have been a great long(er) term guy for me.  Doesn’t live too far, not terribly available, liked shopping, fine dining and as I’ve said…AMAZING sex.  Ideal right?  Too bad he retired!


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