The good, the bad and the fake Sugar Daddy

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The good: 

My Tuesday night date.  Thank you sweet sugar baby Jesus that I didn’t cancel.  It was a great date.  He has the whole silver fox thing going on and I felt uber comfortable with him.  Unlike most POTS, this man likes to move slow.  It took us about 3 weeks of emailing to get to the date. He is the type that actually wants to take the time to make sure that he makes the right choice.  He wants to see me again, so I am encouraged by that.

A possible CL find? Maybe… We have lunch set for Saturday, but we may meet for coffee on Friday first.  He is SINGLE, which scares me a little.  Of course that has the added bonus of less discretion, but I also don’t want some guy always around either.  He seems very eager after seeing pics and is already asking if I have any immediate needs.  I told him that we can discuss this when we meet.  Either he’s that interested or there is a catch to his early generosity.  Makes me nervous, but I am willing to meet to vet him further.


The bad:

I am finding it difficult to keep up on correspondence…AGAIN!  I actually deleted one of my lesser used accounts and hid my profile on SDFM.  I am considering deleting on of my Ashley Madison accounts as well.  In total, I have seven profiles.  I know it’s a bit overkill, but I like a large pool to choose from.  Not to mention the CL ad I posted.  99% of the responses were crap.

The fake:

This jackass wasted my time, but I figured him out quick.  No real time lost, so I’m not gonna cry about it.  He actually gave me the push I needed to start a FAKE sugar daddy page on the blog.  Check him out and feel free to send your fakes to me.  I’d like to have a nice data base of these jerks!  #SugarsUnite


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