Somewhere between Sugar baby heaven and hell

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If I had to give my Sugar Baby life a theme song, I don’t think I could choose between “Hell on Heels” or “Jesus take the wheel”. Well, my life in general I suppose.

I am back to POT collecting and trying to keep track of conversations get a bit overwhelming. I have some decent sugar daddy possibilities right now however, so I can’t cut anyone loose until I can determine their authenticity. Additionally, I adopted a new theory that in order to up my chances; I have to double and triple book days/dates. Busy sugar daddies are ALWAYS cancelling. For instance, I had a coffee, a lunch and two dinners scheduled on Thursday. Out of those, three cancelled/postponed on me. I had a coffee scheduled yesterday morning too, that had to postpone until next week. (thought his wife was taking the kids to practice) Fortunately, I have a dinner scheduled on Tuesday….which I might have to cancel. UGH! Tuesday’s date was one that the POT had to reschedule, so I feel bad if I have to cancel. However, I started talking to a man from Louisiana over the weekend. Apparently, he is flying here on Tuesday! We had a really great 90 minute chat last night. He is hot, smart, funny and has that sexy southern accent; which is like the sugar daddy holy grail. I thought it was ironic that a southern man thought my accent was adorable, though. He is supposed to call me today to finalize details, for his trip.

I haven’t had a travel arrangement in quite some time, but if this guy is for real; this could be awesome. He has business near me, so he would come here in addition to me going there. Fingers crossed, but hopes aren’t so high that I would be terribly upset. As any sugar baby knows, men are fickle and dip out in the blink of an eye. They could be flying you to Paris one minute and be in the wind a day later. Such is the way of life in the sugar bowl. Which is exactly why I keep so many conversations going at once and often schedule 2-3 dates in a day. Someone ALWAYS has a work thing come up, family obligations or is not as serious as they seem.

The Hell on heels part of me wants to keep the POT collection going and keep my options open. The Jesus take the wheel part of me , wants sweet sugar baby Jesus to waved a blessed hand over the cajun and help me end my most recent search. We shall see if heaven or hell prevails soon enough, I suppose.


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