The Atheist Unicorn

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unicornWe all know that a unicorn is a mythical creature.  They only exist in fairy tales and Disney movies. For some men, the “unicorn” is their perfect woman.  She needs to embody all of his sought after qualities and fit his desired mold.  I came across such a man on SA this week.  Turns out that he’s not really seeking a sugar baby.  I can always tell by their initial questions and responses whether or not they are sugar daddies, looking for a wife or girlfriend, or just looking to get laid.  This guy had some pretty specific questions right away.

  1. Do I like to ski?
  2. Do I practice religion?
  3. Do I drink?

The religion question was my first clue that he wanted a girlfriend, but as always, my curiosity got the better of me.  Then he explained what he was looking for.  An atheist, who doesn’t drink, isn’t materialistic, who is slightly submissive.  The word submissive always makes my ears perk up, because I know it means different things to different people.  He definition of it is a woman aiming to please him, as he would her.  Fair enough, right?  He goes on to admit that this ideal woman is his “unicorn”.  Clearly, I am not his unicorn, but I assured him that she is out there.  The likelihood that she’s on SA is probably next to zero, though.   Oddly enough, my curiosity about him made him more curious about me.  He knows that I want NSA, but wants to take me out anyway.  What the hell. Why not?  It’s not like me to turn down a nice dinner.

Speaking of nice dinners; I had a great one one last night.  A very nice steak house near me.  The gentleman offered me $300 on WYP, so I figured he might be serious sugar daddy material.  He actually is.  We had a great dinner and nice conversation.  We have a lot of interests in common as well.  Deal breaker for me- he’s just not attractive to me.  I ventured out on a limb to begin with, because he is much older than I.  65 to be exact.  Although he is sweet and looking for the same things I am,  I just can not commit to someone long term if there is no attraction.

Which brings us to today.  I have my second date with the CL guy.  Very interested to see where things go with this one.  We haven’t talked specifically about an arrangement yet.  This makes me nervous.  I guess this evening’s dinner conversation will determine what I do with him from here.


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