Nearing summer’s end

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cbac1e3a767b3c3d_lady-computer_xlarge   Here I am mid-August and I have yet to find a quality sugar daddy this summer.  Admittedly after JB, I took a break and threw myself into work for about a month.

After getting my head back in the game a few weeks ago though, I have made some baby, sugar baby steps.  I have a $300 date from What’s your price at a very nice steak house tonight.  I have a second date with my CL POT and a possible lunch date with a POT from Ashley Madison, tomorrow.  He and I have kept in touch since we met for a drink a few months ago.  Our schedules are just crazy and never seem to line up.  If all goes well, I will have three dates in two days this week.  Almost forgot,  had a lunch set up with another POT this last Tuesday that he had to cancel.

WYP has been busy for me this week, as has SM and SA.  My text conversation last night started with the guy telling me about the date he just left.  Ugh…

I am trying to not settle back into my POT collecting addiction.  No more 12 conversations at once for this girl.  Which is why I signed back up on WYP.  Filler dates and extra cash will keep me busy until I find my ideal sugar daddy.  Not the best plan, but it keeps me busy and gets me out of the house a bit more.

Now……..if I could only fill Saturday and Sunday up too!


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