Both Sides of Sugar- Part One “An interview with David Montrose, Joseph Sugar, ZI and Zoey”

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Both Sides of Sugar- Part One

“An interview with David Montrose, Joseph Sugar, ZI and Zoey”

~Exa Palmateer

Director of Marketing & Recruitment

Sugar Matchmaking


As a Sugar Baby of a certain age, let’s just say older than the average college sophomore, I have always been eager to know more about this lifestyle from either side of the fence.  I tend to think and act more like a man in almost every situation, especially with Sugar Dating.  I’ve always thought this about myself and have been told by many men that I’m a beautiful woman with a man’s brain.  If you ask my girlfriends, they will tell you I am heartless.  It’s meant as a joke, but often not far from the truth.  You see, I live by a few simple rules.  My number one rule is, “Don’t have anyone in your life that doesn’t enhance or enrich it.”  Expanding on that, I would add that this goes for EVERYONE.  I don’t care if you’re the mailman, a co-worker or a lifelong friend.   If you add no value, be gone.  Take your drama, your sob stories and dysfunctional personality up the road.

One of my favorite terms to use in Sugar Dating is, “Value Added Sugar Baby”.  It really stems from my personal beliefs, but applies perfectly.  Be the enhancement and enrichment that your daddy or potential daddy seeks.  We all know that it takes a special woman to have longevity in The Sugar Bowl.  Your pretty face and what’s between your legs will only get you so far.  That’s just the shiny packaging.  When you tie up the pretty paper with a bow of intelligence, class, poise and an open mind….your stock goes up as a Sugar Baby.  Why devalue yourself by portraying or accepting Splenda instead of real sugar?

What do other Sugars think?  I asked fellow Sugar Baby bloggers and two well-known Sugar Gentlemen to participate in this discussion.  By showing both sides, it is my hope that the take away is, “How can I be better”?  “How do I make myself Value Added”?

Let’s start with our cast of characters.  David Montrose, well known Sugar Daddy author and blogger. Joseph Sugar, owner and operator of Trusted Sugar, a website for Sugar Dating.  ZI, a Sugar Baby, Sugar blogger and freelance writer.  Zoey, a college aged Sugar Baby.

One of the many questions I put to the girls was, “What do you think makes a great Sugar baby”?  ZI brings a non-traditional lifestyle to the table, paired with her stunning looks, charm and intelligence.  Zoey offers a young spirit. Education comes first for her. She has ambition and goals and prides herself on having the guts to get what she wants.  They each chose to be a Sugar Baby for different reasons. Zi says that traditional relationships did/do not work with her lifestyle. She had found that all of her Sugar relationships have been vital in her growth and achieving her dreams. Zoey is a self-proclaimed “rebel”, who likes to go against the norm. Her most recent relationship has provided her travel, college tuition and the security of a home.   Respectively, these girls have been Sugar babies for five years and just shy of a year.  They have mainly met their Sugar Daddies via the internet on Sugar Dating sites.  So how do they create a personal connection with these men and take it off line?  How has modern technology enhanced or hindered the process?  The online meet is merely a stepping stone.  It can be a challenge however.  The dating sites are filled with men who merely call themselves Sugar Daddies.  Moving a “POT” (potential Sugar Daddy) to texting or a phone call is vital to furthering the connection.   They can continue their daily lives as they grow the relationship. The exposure to men nationwide has also offered them many more choices in whom they choose to date.  So, what does a guy have to do to catch the eye of one of these gorgeous ladies?  Have manners and class.  Be well groomed.  Be cool and confident. Show your Sugar Baby some respect!  When asked what is lacking in the Sugar World Zi says, “Sugar daddies who know that physicality is not everything and that a strong mental connection is the building blocks to a good relationship even a sugar relationship”.   She would also caution girls to have realistic expectations. “This is not a fairytale or a porn movie”.   I couldn’t agree more on that point.  Part of what makes any woman a great Sugar Baby is her attitude toward the lifestyle in general.  You sometimes need a thick skin and a sense of self-worth is equally important.  Be his escape and what he needs you to be, but never sacrifice yourself in the process.

Obviously these ladies have had Sugar success, but it is a scary world out there these days.  How does one determine the validity of another they meet online?  Does he really own 4 companies and have a net worth of $10 million?  This is where the concept of Sugar Matchmaking comes in.  We weed out the fakes. Save Sugar Babies time and money.  Finally aligning them with men, who have similar expectations.   We can offer what people like Brandon Wade do not.  We qualify through personal interviews, criminal background checks and facial recognition software.  What exactly does verified mean on Seeking Arrangement anyway?


Stay tuned for Part Two of “Both sides of Sugar”, with David Montrose and Joseph Sugar.  If you’d like to learn more about the ladies, check out there bios.



Zi is 32.  She lives in Oregon and is a freelance writer.

See her latest writings at


Zoey is 21.  She lives in Toronto and is a student attending University.

Follow her on Twitter-  Slutty College Girl






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    Maxima said:
    August 15, 2013 at 8:19 pm

    Your blog is excellent. Thank you my frirnd for share it for us.!With love maxima .

    twoscoopsofsugar said:
    July 25, 2013 at 6:55 pm

    “Value-Added Sugar Baby” love it!

    […] If you missed part one, you can read it HERE. […]

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