A “possible” sigh of relief…

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I recently created a sugar profile on Ashley Madison.  Last week I mentioned the man I had drinks with, from there.  One of the best meets I’ve had so far, in my recent SD search.  This week proved to be an even better meet.  Also from AM, I had a 3.5 hour lunch with “The Pilot”.  Yes, he actually owns a private jet!

What a lunch!  We talked and flirted, over wine, crab and filet.  Yummy food and great conversation…what more could a girl ask for, right?  When our time had to come to a close, he asked what my plans were for the rest of the day.  I said errands, bank, grocery store.  He said, “You should probably have something to put in the bank….or buy shoes”.  He then laid $300 on the table.  I thanked him and he walked me to my car.  I stopped on the way home, spent $100 on a new pair of black heels and put the rest in the bank.  I text later to say thank you again.  He told me to set the bar high, because he had. He finds me very sexy, intriguing and to be quite the powerhouse.  We have text daily since and he has asked to see me again this week.  Yesterday, he suggested a trip to Chicago on the jet, with shopping, spoiling and dinner.  I am totally NOT opposed to that.

  • One problem with this great guy though………..my sugar buddy is seeing him as well!  I guess time will tell if this will be a battle of the blondes and how this will pan out for either of us.

Even with these two great meets, I still have a few other conversations going.  Some local and some from other states.  I am slightly addicted to POT collecting, I think. If there was an A&E hoarding show for men, I could fill 2-3 episodes!  I just cannot pass up a decent sounding/appearing man.  In the sugar bowl there are a lot of what ifs until you find the perfect sugar daddy.  I feel I would be selling myself short to discount anyone of interest, just in case my two favorites don’t work out.    For now, I will give ample focus to The Pilot and my date from last week.  Can’t think of a nick name for him yet, but if he sticks around I am sure I will come up with something.

Dear Sweet Sugar Baby Jesus,

Please let my search be over.  I have weeded through hundreds to finally be excited about two lone men.  I have set my standards high and not diverged from my path.   As my dear friends Def Leppard would say, “Pour some sugar on me”.

Thanks, good talk, love your face.





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