Stupid POT Part 2

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So…he didn’t answer after I sent this last email. Until late Saturday night. I thought I was rid of him, but I guess not. In the past I block this type of man. I’ve decided that it is a disservice to my Sugar Sisters. Geez…I’m like the Newbie SD whisperer….lol.

(The last email I sent)

Your age should not matter either. It comes

down to where you are emotionally/intellectually and how you go about seeking that. A serious SD offers the higher allowance, because he covets quality and is willing to make sure his SB is comfortable and provided for. This in turn, relieves worry and stress for the SB. She I. Turn has more time of quality, to spend with her SD.  I was really trying to explain that your $500 offer is more of a “filler” offer. That would definitely not garner you quality time several times a week with a serious SB.


I’ve found that there are a ton of 19 year old hotties that are down for $500/month. But you might be right… What do you think I’d get if I raised it to $1000?


If what you are looking for is intimate liaisons with 19 year old girls, than $500 will get you that. It will also get you someone who likely doesn’t know what it is to be a SB.

Raising allowance doesn’t necessarily increase the caliber of girl or woman, that you will attract.

Honestly, speaking from experience…you are going about this all wrong. Sending emails, throwing out dollar amounts, to women you haven’t even taken the time to know. A TRUE SD/SB relationship is about friendship, care and a mutual respect. You didn’t even taken the time to ask one single thing about me, before throwing out an arbitrary dollar amount. I found it insulting, because I am an experienced SB. I take the time to know someone, before discussing the financial aspects of the relationship. A real SB needs to know why you seek her and how to give you what you are missing and need. (not just sex).

It would behoove you to do some “homework” on SB/SD arrangements. Educate yourself a little bit. Read about it from both perspectives.

I want to also say “You are welcome, for this information”. A 19 hottie would have blown you off 6 emails ago. A real, honest SB has taken the time to try and provide you with some information. SEE THE DIFFERENCE????? I kinda feel like you now owe me that $500, like I’m your therapist or something…lol


There is definitely a place for 19 year olds in my life lol ;)

However, the honest truth is that the main problem I’m having is that I’m just not attracted to the overwhelming majority of women on here. I don’t know if you have visibility to that, but they are simply not much more than average to slightly better. I’m wondering if I should even bother with this whole sugar baby thing at this point – why pay good money for average chicks?

My wife is 24, a complete knockout, and is already taking care of the whole “friendship, care, mutual respect” side of things. I’m not unhappy in my marriage, I just want more hot chicks sitting in my lap lol.

So while I agree that I might be going about this all wrong from the perspective of an average sugar daddy, the truth is at 29 years old I can already pull most chicks without paying them. I feel like paying them will just make them less likely to go psycho and want me to leave my wife. Make sense?


You are definitely on the wrong site, for what you are looking for. The version of a Sugar Baby that you envision, is NOT a sugar baby. A sugar daddy doesn’t “pull” girls or women. He doesn’t seek sex only. This lifestyle is so much more than that.

Contrary to popular belief, every SB is not a barbie doll. Her “hotness” or beauty isn’t always a reflection of a perfect body or a super model face. These average girls that you so quickly dismiss, could possibly be more valuable than you think! Granted, everyone’s dream girl is different. Clearly yours is a 19 year old

I would suggest that you try Ashley Madison or Craigslist and post exactly what you want. You are more likely to find what you want in those places, as opposed to a sugar site.

Quite honestly, you being on SA mucks up the process for those of us who are serious. SD and SB’s alike.


One thought on “Stupid POT Part 2

    simplysurrealblog said:
    April 11, 2013 at 7:53 pm

    You go girl! You tell him! I hate those assholes!

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