I should be somewhere else right now!!

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As I sit to write this post, I am disappointed.  Instead of at my kitchen table, I SHOULD be in Chicago with Cowboy.  His family emergency is keeping him away and not able to make our rendezvous. #FrownyFace  I was so looking forward to it!!!

I decided to make the best of the situation.  I have two days off of work now, because of this.  I met with a POT last night at a local bar.  He was very sexy and uber intelligent.  Which makes him all the more sexy in my eyes.  This could also be because I need to get laid…lol.  My intense search for a new Sugar Daddy has kept me busy.  The only action I’ve seen in a few weeks, is with my vibrator and/or my “bed time stories” from Cowboy.  Anyway…back to the POT….We had a few glasses of wine and some yummy snacks, while we talked about ourselves.  I felt a chemistry, but he is a newbie.  They tend to be less forward and “trying things out”.  I got a hug and a polite kiss when we parted.  I emailed him when I got home to say thank you and extended an invitation to meet again.  No word so far….

I also started experimenting with Ashley Madison this week.  Picked up 4 or 5 new POTS there.  I have tentative plans with a gentleman from there today.  His morning meetings got pushed up, but he did offer to drive back to my area after his afternoon meeting.  We shall see what happens there…  I do have email and text conversations going on with the rest of the AM POTS, in addition to my “collection” from before.

FML….(in a good way), I have about 12 or so conversations going.  I like to have a back up for my back up and a plan C,D,E,F and G!!!  Now, if I could only line up a dinner date for tonight…


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