The POT plot thickens

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Today my head is swirling with thoughts on my past, present and future sugar life.  I have a lot of promising things going on presently.  I try not to project, but achieving what I want makes that difficult.  My last sugar daddy was sweet, kind, generous and AMAZING in bed.  I would like a repeat performance of that in my next sugar daddy.  Having standards tests my patience daily.  Sure, I could scoop up a man and settle for less, any day of the week.  There really isn’t a shortage of chase in my life (sugar or otherwise), but as I told Cowboy the other night, it’s about the quality of the chaser. 

The “newbies” have landed in the sugar world in droves, lately.  As much as I try to engage them and take the lead, they are fresh to arrangements and need hand holding.  I have one that I literally told to “get his shit together”.  I posted about him last week.  The doctor, whom I think really needs an escort…not a sugar baby.  We had a brief chat on Google the other night.  He started to dump his day on me and talk about his life.  Whoa, whoa, whoa buddy…..I stopped him right there.  He specifically said he did NOT want a friendship or the closeness, that is paramount to a sugar relationship.  So, why on earth is he dumping on me like a “friend”?  I told him that he was a mess and needed to get his shit together!  I followed up a couple of days later with just that….

Me: Did you get your shit together?


Him: Your message made me laugh…

No, I didn’t get my shit together, but I did do an emergency shunt on a 5 year old and saved his life.  And I’m in first place in my NCAA bracket pool out of 397 people… What about you?  Still getting a lot of messages at “SA” but 95% of them are not ‘worthy’ of me, lol.  OK, have a nice Saturday.  I’m “off” and going to relax, watch some basketball, and not get laid.
Thanks for your note.  Stay in touch.  Who knows what’ll happen? 
Send me a sexy pic or two…I know you’ve got ’em!
Me:Well, TJ, I don’t send “sexy pics” to men I barely know. Let alone those who don’t have their shit together and don’t present themselves as having potential.   I’m sure you can acquire such material on the Internet, in various places :)
As far as “worthy”, you’re preaching to the choir.  We all have standards..
Enjoy your basketball and get your shit together…lol
I am so done with this guy!!!  Fortunately, I have a few other irons in the fire.  Looking forward to developing those POTS and seeing where it goes.



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