Who’s your Daddy?

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As of today, I have roughly ten POT sugar daddy conversations going.  THIS GIRL IS EXHAUSTED!  I can barely keep names and faces straight anymore.  Where and with whom do I begin???  Let’s just list the notables…..

Kzoo: We had a lovely brunch last Saturday.  Prior to that, we discussed allowance and what an arrangement might entail.  He is unavailable this week, so we still need to revisit our talk.  He seemed very nice and would only be available around twice a month.  Perfection!!!!  Leaving me lot’s of time to PLAY :)

FB Guy:  Now this is a good story.  I awoke to a private message on facebook Monday morning.  It was from a man that became my FB friend via another man I had befriended. (because I was vetting him as a POT sugar daddy)

Him: morning beautiful

Me:Is that the standard greeting, for all of your FB friends? Lol

 Him: Just the beautiful blondes

 Me:Well aren’t you precious

 Him: I try. So how’s your day

 Me: It’s ok so far. How’s yours?

 Him: Great.. Printing dolla bills ) working hard. Lets have a drink

Me: I’ll take some bills, since you’re printing them For all you know, I could be a psycho…lol.

Him: I’m always willing to share

Him: what do u do for work?

Me: Part time sugar baby. Part time xxxxx. You?

Him: I own a national XYZ company. hows dating life?
Me: Busy. To be honest, most of the dating I do is sugar specific
Him: taking any apps
Me: I’m always taking apps . Wouldn’t be smart if I didn’t.
Him: I’m interested
Me: Well then, perhaps we should have that drink
At this point we started texting and ended up meeting for dinner that night.  He seems like he would be a lot of fun.  I am definitely interested in seeing him again.  I would normally never mix my real life with my sugar life, but I know that this man is wealthy.  So, I decided to cast out the sugar line…and he bit.
Cowboy:  I have yet to blog about Cowboy, because he is a different type of addition to my sugar life.  He and I have been talking for several weeks.  When I say talking, I mean 10% talking and 90% sexting!  Hot, hot, hot…mmmmmmm. He’s what I like to call a “travel guy”.  He is out of state and is not someone I would be able to see on a regular basis. But, I am always open to travel with the right man.  I will travel with him for the first time next week.  Very excited!!  Based on what has been going on already, I am thinking this will be an explosive trip ;)
I am still vetting and developing a few others, but I will save those for another post…..


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