What you really want is an escort….but wait, maybe not…

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I really do dislike dealing with NEWBIE Sugar Daddies.  They either have no clue as to what the lifestyle is, or they are really in need of an escort.  I guess the term escort bothers some men.  They think it sounds seedy or “beneath them”.  I follow a few Hobbyists on Twitter, that I think would beg to differ.  The GFE (girlfriend experience) is to them, what the sugar baby is to a sugar daddy. 

Last night I began talking with a man from Seeking Arrangement.  And this is how it went…


Hi Dr XXX,
I completely understand your situation.  I can appreciate that you require discretion as well.  I would like to chat further, but I’m not
exactly sure what you are looking for in terms of spending time together.  I prefer as true SD/SB relationship, built on more than just sex.
I hope that you can appreciate that.  Feel free to email back, if you’d like to talk further and perhaps be a bit more specific.

Hope to hear from you soon,
(sugar adventures)


Hi back.

I’m not sure what the definition is of a ‘true SD/SB relationship means’.  Really.  Kind of new to this.  Maybe you can fill me in on the details.  
My biggest issue is ‘time’.  I just don’t have a lot of it.  So I may not be exactly what you need/want…
But let me know…and send me another pic or two if you can. If not that’s OK.
Let me ask you this…..Are you mainly looking for strictly liaisons of a sexual nature, or would you want something a little more meaningful?  Friendship in addition to sex. That is what a SB is.  Friend, lover, confidant, etc…
 In return, a SD typically provides financial assistance and can also “spoil” at his discretion.  That really is a less than basic definition, but I think you get the jist.
So, if that’s something you are interested in, we can talk.  As far as the time you have free, that is something that can be worked out…not a big deal.
Based on my personal and professional life, I think I’m looking for for of a casual-NSA-hook up kind of thing over something more meaningful.  Hope you appreciate my honesty.  I’m not talking about a ‘one-night-stand’ or multiple partners, however.  Like to find one special person where, perhaps a couple of times a month (not much more than that) we could grab a drink/dinner and then spend a couple of hours together having some adult fun.  I’m not ‘available’ for much more than that.  

It’s not about the money or ‘spoiling’ for me, but as a married man, a family man, a surgeon who can be on call at a moments notice, I can’t and won’t commit to much more.

I’ll care about ‘her’ (you) but we won’t be ‘friends’, and I’m not going to be able to share much about my life..

Honestly, what you are describing is a ‘one night stand’ kind of thing.  I hope you understand that the girls/women on SA WILL expect more than that, myself included.  Money and spoiling aside, it’s about companionship and friendship.  The nature of an arrangement is not meant to be heavy or frequent, but it does require more than just ‘adult fun’ and drinks.
Thanks for your information–really–it’s helpful.   To me a ‘one night stand’ is literally that, just once for one night, and you’d never seen the person again.  Like in college, lol. (kidding). I think I’m going to remove my profile for the time being…

Thanks for your help, and good luck to both of us!
I think you can get what you want through an escort….seriously.  I know a lot of men that use upscale, background checked services.  It’s a real date w/ a GFE (girlfriend experience), and sex!  Look into it :)
I was trying to avoid the ‘escort’ word/thing/etc.  I kind of tried that, or tried to try that, and it wasn’t for me, at least the one ‘situation’ I tried…
I have a few friends through twitter that are escorts and hobbyists.  I am certain that they would know where to turn to in the metro area.  AND…if you find the right fit, the provider/escort should fill all of your needs.  She should be sexy, elegant, respectful and classy….and great sex!!
Sounds perfect.  I’m kinda liking you a little more now too, or at least intrigued…I’m not asking you to be an ‘escort’  or calling you one, in any way..but what’s the main difference? Is it that it’s longer-term?  I mean, you still get paid and spoiled, and you have sex with the men, right?  I mean do you really get ‘close’ to the men? Are they married, usually? And can you send me a picture?
That’s because I AM intriguing!!!  I am an excellent SB (with the GFE rolled in)….lol.  If you truly understood what the sugar thing is about and how it IS life enhancing, you wouldn’t be looking for ‘just a hook-up’ :)
You’re changing my mind.  But the question is…is a couple times a month ‘enough’?  

I’m not around much to ‘chat’ or text, etc And I don’t know when I’m ‘free’ with much advance notice
I have a man that I see in Fla once every cpl of months.  So, twice a month is not a big deal to me :)
OK, well, food for thought.  I’d like to see a couple of pictures of you and keep the dialog open (if you do).Where, generally do you live? And thanks…you’re nice…
Normally….I don’t waste my time on such a person, but I figured that I’d be doing ALL of us a favor by educating him a little.  He is that guy that mucks up the process, for those of us on the site and doesn’t even know it!

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