Stop calling me Princess!!!

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Please note the over use of the word princess….lol

hi there sexxxiiiii princessss

WOW, are you hotttt, sexxxxiii, n gorgeous. Your profile is very impressive and you appear too have many of the qualities I am seeking in a young lady. I would be very interested in getting to know you. I’m a high energy southern gentleman with a little wildness that loves traveling, shopping for my princess, sporting events, theatre, and of course the Beach.

If you would be interested in getting to know me, lets chat. I cant wait to hear from you.

I hope to hear from you princess.

Xoxo, Gary

Now, I like to be treated kindly as much as the next girl.  Of course I love to be taken care of and admired.  However, I am not royalty.  Well…maybe in a past life.  My question is this, “Do women really fall for this shit”?   As I look through the subject lines of my sugar mail, I see a lot of “princess”, “hey sexy” and the like.  Of course there are also quite a few “hellos”, “very intriguing” and “impressive”.  I respond so much better to introductory email that is not crass.  If  I feel like you’re groping me through your laptop or iPad, I am already turned off.

All in all, I have received a TON of crap email this week.  There are a few conversations that I will keep going, but of the 500+ profile views I’ve had this week, The quality is just not there.

The one conversation that will stop, is with the Ohio POT.  I drove TWO hours to his hometown on Friday.  He was late to the restaurant and made no reservation.  So we waited for an hour, for a table on a Friday night.  He was a nice man, but just no spark for me.  He was nice enough to give me $70 for gas, but did try to get me to come to his house. (his third offer to do so).  I think he definitely felt my non interest.  He hasn’t text me since, other than to say goodnight and make sure I got home.  Prior to that though, he was texting every day and was almost too giddy about meeting.  I should have known that he was looking for more of a girlfriend.

Which leads me to a little bit of a rant!  WHY? WHY? WHY?  are men who want girlfriends on sugar dating sites.  There should be a rule against this!  They are mucking up the process and causing me great frustration.  Like this guy…..

Hello how are you? I am XXX from NY. I would like to get to know you better. To tell you more about me, I am male, 38, single with no kids, and from New York. I like traveling, rollerblading, movies, music, hockey, soccer, camping, guitar playing, whitewater rafting, skydiving, hanglidding, traveling (I have been to many countries), and I like to work out regularly in my home gym. I work out about 10 to 14 times a week. I am a health nut and I like to stay in shape. I have a body fat percentage of around 4. I have 6 pack abs and I like to maintain them. I wrote a book about fitness which I want to publish one day. By profession I am a doctor. I am not looking for a sugardaddie relationship. I am looking for a commitment female for a long term relationship. I am not into games. I am looking for someone to settle down with. If you want to get to know me better please email me. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon…….

I bolded his statement about not wanting a sugar baby, if you didn’t catch that…lol.  I actually responded to his email, because I am fucking tired of this shit!  I told him that perhaps he didn’t read my profile thoroughly enough and he is in fact on a site for SUGAR DATING!  I also advised him that might be a better suit for him.  And then I blocked him.

Dear sweet sugar baby Jesus….please let this week be better :)


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