Everyone has to start somewhere!

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I am noticing more and more, that sugar babies and sugar daddies who are “newbies” are advertising their inexperience.  WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE??????

I know that this can be appealing, like taking someone’s virginity, but who wants to do all that hand holding?  Not me!

In my humble (ok not so humble) opinion, you are asking to be taken advantage of when your profile headline says, “I’m new to this” or “Never done this before” or whatever else lame ass thing you can think of.  Sweet baby Jesus!  OWN IT!  Act like a boss!  This ain’t your first rodeo.  Been there done that!  Alright, I digress from over used sayings…

If you are a newbie POT or a  sugar baby, for the love of God…Do some homework.  There are a million blogs, advice columns, people on twitter, co-workers, friends (yes you probably know at least one SD or SB) that can be of assistance.  Although I am being slightly critical, I am preaching the sugar gospel truth here!  The key to sugar success, is for both parties to go in with eyes wide open.

When you jump into the sugar bowl with no life vest, i.e. knowledge, you will most likely struggle.  Why make it harder for yourself to survive, when you can give yourself the tools to succeed??



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