Weekly status report…giving myself a big thumbs up and an atta girl, despite my A.D.D. for men

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I am exhausted!!  Being me and trying to find a new SD has seriously worn me out, this week…lol. I seriously don’t think that POT’s understand the effort that goes into “wooing” them.  I mean, we have to turn on the charm (and keep it on), be witty, hopefully have all the right answers, and on and on and on…..

I did my SB homework, this time around.  Really honed in on what I want and how to get it.  Moreover, WHO I want that with.  I had so many conversations going this week, that I actually had to ask a man, “who is this”?, when he sent an email.  Ughhh…hence I started a notebook.  A few basic facts about each man I have regular contact with.  I only jotted down my top picks, there’s 5…I think.  Hell, I can’t keep track of everyone.  I’d need a damn secretary for that shit!

Here’s the thing…….a man really needs to stand out to not only catch my eye, but to stay on my radar for more than 48 hours. There are just too many choices and opportunities to stay in a holding pattern over just one,for too long.  They may think that the world revolves around their time and money, but my world revolves around ME!  As dear Sweet Brown will tell ya, “Ain’t nobody got time for that”. 

So stats for the week:

  • Date with Ohio POT this coming Friday
  • Snorefest lunch this past Thursday.  But hey, the sushi was delicious
  • Cancelled on the other Ohio POT.  Not crossing the state line two days in a row :)
  • Waiting to hear back from local POT about rescheduling lunch date
  • Reconnected with a POT, whose gonna be a lot of fun I think!  We have a great deal in common.  Mainly our A.D.D. for relationships and how much we like sex ;)
  • Talked to Fla SD about scheduling my next visit

So…..not too bad of a week,eh?  My options are looking great!  I just need to execute some plans and make it happen!!


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