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I normally would only post crazy e-mail, but I started emailing with a new Pot last night.  I woke up to the following email today:

*XXXX-is in place of his actual state

Good morning.  I’m not sure why, but there’s something about you that’s appealing to me.
To be honest. the site hasn’t lived up to my expectations. I got on because I’m somewhat new to the area after moving down here full from from being in Detroit for 5-years and it’s a difficult place to meet someone I’d be interested in. I’m not a player and so working the whole bar scene isn’t my thing and the site seemed like a good idea for a guy who has been blessed with more than he needs could find someone sweet to share some things with, but I’ve mostly found girls I wouldn’t want to even take to dinner, let alone around my friends, work colleagues or kids.
I would love to meet someone to care about. Someone who’s life I can help make better because I’m in it. Someone to develop a bond of trust with where she and I really look forward to the time we get to share together. Someone who’s open to letting me help them carry the load both financially and otherwise. Someone who wants to be a friend back and where we have tons of crazy chemistry.
I’m just sitting here on the lanai having a cup of morning coffee so how about a bunch of random unrelated silly Me facts while I have time? I like dogs but don’t have one. I grew up on the ocean and love everything water. I like making martinis. I tend to be more urban than suburban and lived in NYC for many years after getting out of grad school and working on Wall Street. I like talking to strangers. Most people like me. I tend to be bored with normal. I like original art. I prefer a small group of intimate friends over larger. I like fashion, pop culture, shopping and current music. For my business I buy underperforming/undervalued technology companies, turn them around, and resell them. Kind of like flipping houses in a way.  I guess business is kind of my arena that I enjoy competing in. I like hair you can touch and find makeup put on with trowel to be turn off. I prefer real and genuine people over those who wear masks.  I like exploring new places. I’d rather play than watch. I like hosting parties. My house in XXXX is surrounded by water on 3-sides which I love. I’m somewhat obsessively neat and clean but not in an annoying way. I care about people’s hearts and I’m a giver not a taker. Fitness is fun to me and I lead a pretty active and healthy lifestyle. I like sushi. I like going to haunted houses but they scar the shit out of me and I cower like a little girl. I typically have plenty of wine on hand. How’s that? To much?
Text me sometime and let’s find a day for you to come out to XXXX if you’re up for it
Well….I am kind of excited about this guy!!  I never get my hopes up, but my fingers, toes and eyes are definitely crossed :)

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