Why every girl needs a sugar buddy

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What’s a sugar buddy???

A sugar buddy is a local friend whom you can share information and your sugar tales with.  Mine found me.  We used to go to high school together.  She saw me on sugardaddie.com and messaged me on Facebook.  We have been comparing stories since last summer.  We found out quickly, that we were seeing the same man (at the same time)!!  He ended things with her, when he started seeing me.  “The contractor”, by the way. 

We have been a big help for each other over the last few months.  We offer encouragement, prayers when needed and dish on the men we talk to.  We do our best to steer clear of each others pot SD’s and give a sister a chance. 

In the sugar bowl, the hardest part is finding the right man.  It pays to be patient and have a great friend to talk to.  Especially someone who knows EXACTLY what you are going through.  She is invaluable for support, ideas and plain ole girl talk!!  <3 <3


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