Safety first and asking for what you want!

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I had a relatively slow day yesterday, in my search.  A few contacts made, but most men of wealth and success  often are busy and take some time to respond.  They may start a conversation, only to get caught up in the work day.  I was pleased to move talks with one man to private e-mail.  However, it went south fast.  Below is our conversation….


Hi there,
Tell me what you are thinking, in terms of an arrangement..


I don’t believe in wasting my time or yours, so here are my terms:
1. Are you willing to travel for your SD? Arrangements are paid.
2. Are you willing to submit to an STD test? I also provide test results.
3. Are you willing to deepthroat and swallow for your SD? 
4. Do you have a camera phone?

If yes to all the above, I’d propose meeting once or twice per month as my schedule allows. $5k allowance per visit.
Let me know if interested and I will proceed with next steps.


Yes to all  terms. I have a few requirements of my own.

1. I am willing to travel. However, I would require that you travel to me for our first meet.  This is for my safety.
2. Prior to meeting I would like to verify that you are who you say you are.  First and last name, so I can google/do a little research.
3.Allowance, until we have established trust, (usually a visit or 2) should come in the form of cash.


Sorry. I’m paying. I dictate terms. Not you.  If this is a problem best of luck.


If you have no respect for my safety and aren’t willing to verify your identity, than you are either a fake or unaware that my requests are pretty standard.  I am asking for a gesture, to establish trust.  Don’t forget that I don’t know you from Adam.

****At this point the conversation stopped!

This is a prime example of how a negotiation should be straight to the point.  It is also an excellent indication that this man is a fake. This is why I have a seperate e-mail account for communication and a Google voice number, as well. What right minded human being expects a stranger to get on a plane, travel to THEM (without a little homework), on their whim.  He may have been “allegedly” offering $5k, but money comes and goes.  My safety is top priority to me…and should be a concern of his as well.  I’ve read way too many horror stories of rape, robbery and abuse in these exact situations, to ever put my life in jeopardy!!!

Alas, I will keep on keeping on…..


One thought on “Safety first and asking for what you want!

    deedee1818 said:
    March 13, 2014 at 9:17 am

    Sounds like you dodged a bullet. How dear this man think that because he is spoiling you with gifts and money and you have no say? Smh I can’t deal with men like that. It’s involved to people and therefore if safety is not recognized then he obviously is a fake

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