Reevaluation and the sugar burn

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I took a break from the sites for the last few months, as I was busy.  David, from Florida is/was mainly a text or talk on the phone thing, with the occasional visit to the sunshine state.  Mr T was going strong until work started to pile up on him. Additionally, he is trying to get “healthy” with his home life and a few actual health issues.  We still text, but not much has been seen of him lately.  I had a blast from the past this week as well.  “The Contractor”, whom I was seeing right as things were taking off with Mr T, e-mailed me.  We’ve exchanged a few texts over the last week.  I asked why he decided to contact me, after all this time.  He said he remembered how fun and sexy I am and wanted to see how I was doing.  Ummm…ok.  He wasn’t then and I still don’t think, willing to contribute to a true SD/SB relationship.  I’m gonna let that one go…lol

So, I have revamped my profile(s) to be much more direct and specific, as to what I want.  I have had a few nibbles, but mostly much older (or older looking) men.  Something I am not interested in at this time.  There are a lot of fakes and picture collectors out there.  In an effort to avoid these types, I have set all privacy settings as high as each sight will allow.  A headless bikini shot is all they will get, until we talk and I decide that you can see my pretty face :)  I get a lot of requests for my security code.  I simply explain that I value my privacy and they can see what i look like, when we have spoken and I can see what they look like.  It really is no different than picking someone up in public.  Who goes after someone with a bag on their head, or a man you find unattractive???  NO ONE!!!  As much as I’d like to be in a generous and honest arrangement, I will not settle for a set of wrinkly old balls!!

It is slow going so far and I am feeling a bit  burnt out already.  It really is exhausting to find the right one.  I have set my standards a bit higher this time and I refuse to back down.  He IS out there and he WILL be mine….


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