You win some, you lose some!

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In light of the fact that things have been dying down with my local guy, let’s call him Mr T, I decided to search for a new one.  Well, the new one flaked on me today.  No call, no show for our first date. RUUUDDEEEE!!!

Overall, I am disappointed in both men.  Mr T was generous and the sex was hot, hot, hot!!  I also enjoyed his company quite a bit.  New guy, The Lawyer, was super hot and we seemed to click.  I text them both tonight to explain my displeasure in the situation.  No response yet from either.  again, RUDE!

So, I am back on the hunt for a new local guy that is steady, not a flake, generous and available.  Know of anyone good…lol?!

Oddly enough, the one daddy “David” in my life that is ready,willing and able is in Florida. Ha! I live in Michigan.  I was just there a few weeks ago for a visit and he called today, to say he wants me to come back soon.  Unfortunately, February is busy for both of us.  March it is!!  As an added bonus, I have a very good girlfriend there.  She live a couple of hours away from where I meet him.  I chose him, in part for this reason.  My trips serve as double duty.  Spend amazing time with him and take an extra day to visit her.  All courtesy of David.

He and I met back in the summer, via  He is married with kids. Been in so long (18 years) that he can’t get out.  Too much money and the loss of time with his children in an unbearable thought to him.  I can appreciate that and feel sorry for him in a way.  I had the option to leave my marriage, before it was too late.  I know that he and a lot of men like him, do not have that luxury.

We have talked about his home life, but I try to keep it to a minimum.  Afterall, I am there to spend time with HIM…not his wife.  He really is a great guy.  Always a gentlemen and generous.  My travel is covered and I get extra for expenses…or whatever I want to do with it! And did I mention that the sex was HOTT??  Well, it is ;)  I cannot wait to go back!!


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