The Chase….

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Married men are looking for the girlfriend experience again… Somewhat searching for a fantasy I think. Their wives are either unwilling, or they are not willing to ask her for some “spice.” The saying is “Happy wife-Happy life.” ooooooooooooook……..What about a happy husband?
For example: (an e-mail I received)
I AM A gentleman to the core. Real and not into mind games. Easy going, caring and looking for someone to spoil and pamper. Love travel, fine dining, and quiet, intimate moments with the special one – be it on the beach, by a roaring fire or under the stars in a tropical forest (unless you are afraid of spiders). LOOKING FOR: A relationship with no strings attached, where we are both givers of what the other wants and seeks. The kind of relationship I want is one where if I walked up to you and wrapped my arms around you while we were in the grocery store, and whispered “I want you right now” – you would walk away from the cart and go home so we could make mad passionate love,, and grocery shop later with a smile :-) Must be able to communicate well, be passionate, sensual, and ABSOLUTELY drama free. I could go on, but unless we meet we will never know (after all I would hope that we are not here seeking an email or chat buddy) So if you like what you have read, send me an interest, and lets talk and meet and make this happen. Nothing happens on its own, it is up to us to make IT happen :-).

I think that “the chase” is gone from relationships in our society. Although it always starts with it, people forget about it after a while. YOU CANNOT DO THIS! This is why people cheat,or become bored. Hence, the relationship goes stale. It’s as simple as a love note tucked in his wallet or pocket, a dirty text mid-day, or thoughtful gestures that never stop. I know that marriage and/or relationships get stressed by the day to day and children are needy. The love fades quickly when these things are allowed to bog you down. SD/SB style is to always be light and fun. I know that in a marriage or traditional relationship, keeping it light isn’t always an option, however it has to be mixed in there somewhere. Think of it as a contract. Write it out if you have to…and sign that shit! Moreover, mean it and live!

The things that really bother me about women/wives today:

  • Letting themselves go…….would a little pride in your appearance kill you????
  • “I have my man” syndrome……he might be a keeper, but what are you going to do to KEEP him?
  • I’m busy with the kids…..There is always time for him and you as a couple. I don’t care if you have to set an alarm to have sex at 3 a.m., make the damn time. Get up 15 minutes early and make him coffee before work, slip that note in his jacket, pants pocket, etc…

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